Custom Foot Orthotics

The whole world has heard of arch supports, custom
insoles or orthotics. They are as common as sliced bread
or canned soup. And most of them are fairly worthless. Why?

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About Imua Physical Therapy

Our mission and purpose

Our focus is to provide excellence in Physical Therapy
on Maui, while treating our patients, our employees and
our community like family.

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Graston Technique

The Graston Technique is an innovative,
patented form of instrument-assisted soft
tissue mobilization that enables clinicians
to effectively break down scar tissue and
fascial restrictions.

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Return To Sport

Imua Physical Therapy is proud to offer an exclusive evaluation that is designed to assess your biomechanical readiness and potential to return to competitive or recreational sport participation following injury or surgery.

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CDT is the main treatment for lymphedema. Experts who treat lymph- edema consider CDT the “gold standard” of treatment. CDT has been shown to be safe and effective.

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Complimentary Injury Screen

A complimentary injury screening is a brief assessment performed by a licensed professional in any Imua Physical Therapy Clinic. Your strength and flexibility will be tested and you will be given recommendations for your next steps for recovery.

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Words from our Clients

  • My experience at Imua Physical Therapy has been a very positive experience. I found not only the PT to help me with rotator cuff injury, but also the explanation of why the exercises would help my range of motion needs. Tiffany was professional, focused on my need, and thorough with shoulder treatment. I would highly recommend Imua Physical Therapy to anyone with a need for PT. 
    Kirk H.
  • My experience at Imua Physical Therapy has been great. Tiffany and staff have always gone above and beyond what other P.T. businesses do. Tiffany is well aware of all areas of the body and even though I try not to use P.T. too often, when I do I am able to get right in to see her. I highly recommend Imua Physical Therapy for all your aches and pains. 
    Jim W.

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