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Complimentary Injury Screen

A complimentary injury screening is a brief assessment performed by a licensed professional in any Imua Physical Therapy Clinic. Your strength and flexibility will be tested and you will be given recommendations for your next steps for recovery.
It may be determined that you should follow up with your medical doctor. Additionally, you may be shown exercises and self-care activities and receive suggestions on how to properly care for your injury. Read more ...

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How Can My PT help with Dizziness?

Dizziness is a common problem, especially among older adults. In fact, for people over the age of 65, dizziness is one of the most common reasons for physician visits and hospitalizations. Regardless of the cause of dizziness, the sooner you get help, the better. The good news: most dizziness and balance disorders can be successfully […]


Can a Physical Therapist Help With Swelling/Edema?

Physical therapists do injury or trauma such, as an ankle sprain or knee ligament tear. After surgery, swelling may be persistent and require intervention by a physical therapist. There are also specific diseases that can cause swelling, including kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and venous insufficiency. Swelling may also occur from the lymphatic system being […]

What our patients are saying:

I was lucky to find Tiffany, the only LANA certified lymphedema therapist here on Maui. Kaiser authorized out-of-plan treatment, saving me multiple trips to Oahu. Tiffany evaluated my condition and provided a treatment plan that Kaiser accepted. She closely monitored my progress and response to different lymphedema massage techniques for optimum benefit. Tiffany trained me in 2 lymphedema self-massage techniques and is there if I need follow-up treatment or advice. Thanks Tiffany!

Bill W.

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